List of persons names (and their functions) used in AWR-Articles

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Name Function
Ṭāriq Ḥajī (Dr.)

Liberal thinker; former board member of the Ibn Khaldoun Center; Author

Ṭāriq Ḥassan (Journalist)

Editor-in-chief of al-Ahrām al-Masā' newspaper; Former reporter for al-Ahrām and Rose al-Yūsuf newspapers

Ṭāriq Ḥussayn [Diplomat] (Egypt)
Ṭāriq ibn Zayd
Ṭāriq Khāṭir

Attendee at Ibn Khaldūn Conference on Copts Rights (1996)

Tāriq Makram Shākir [Egyptian Coptic Lawmaker]
Ṭāriq Mitrī (Dr.)

Lebanese Political and Academic; Minister of Information (Since 2008); Coordinator of the Office for Inter-religious Relations and Dialogue of the World Council of Churches

Ṭāriq Mursī


Ṭāriq Muṣṭafā


Ṭāriq Nūr [Tarek Nour]

Former PR-man of of ex-president Husni Mubarak

Ṭāriq Raḍwān

MP in Egypt's House of Representatives and newly elected president of the African Affairs Committee (Dec. 2018)

Ṭāriq Ramaḍān (Dr.)

Swiss Islamic intellectual; University professor of Philosophy; Grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; Author


Ṭāriq Shākir
Ṭāriq Shawqī (Egyptian Minister of Education)

The current minister of education in Egypt. He was the Dean of the School of Sciences and Engineering at the American University in Cairo.

Ṭāriq Shʿalān (al-Nūr Party)
Ṭāriq Yānnī
Ṭāriq ʿAbd Allāh


Ṭāriq ʿAbduh [Tarek Abdou]
Ṭāriq ʿAllām

 Police officer, allegedly in charge of ʾIrīnī Ṣādiq's reported kidnapping and conversion to Islam.


Ṭāriq ʿAzīz

Iraqi Foreign Minister (1983–1991); Deputy Prime Minister (1979–2003)

Taslīma Nasrīn [Taslima Nasrin]

Bangladeshi writer; Feminist

Tawāḍrūs II {Wajīh Ṣubḥī Bāqī Sulaymān} [Tawadros II {Wagih Subhy Bakki Suleiman}] (Coptic Orthodox Pope)
Tawfīq al-Ḥakīm

Prominent Egyptian writer (1898-1987)

Tawfīq al-Shāwī (Dr.)

Member of the founding committee of the Muslim Brotherhood; Law Professor

Tawfīq al-Sudayrī (Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs - KSA)
Tawfīq Bāshā [Tewfik Pasha] (Khedive)

Khedive of Egypt and Sudan (1879-1892)

Tawfīq Daws (Pasha)

Early 20th Century Egyptian minister of agriculture and land reclamation; Coptic activist

Tawfīq Ḥamīd (Dr.)

Egyptian author; Former member of al-Jamācah al-Islāmiyyah

Tawfīq Jamāl (Pastor)

previously the pastor of Church of God of Prophecy and then he looked after the Maadi Garden Church

Tawfīq ʿUkāsha [Tawfik Okasha]

an Egyptian television presenter as owner and principal anchor of the satellite political-commentary channel Faraeen (also Al Fara'een)

Taymūr Muṣṭafā

Chairman of the Administrative Prosecution Authority

Taysīr al-Tamīmī (Dr., Shaykh)

Chief justice of the Palestinian Sharīcah Courts

Taysīr Mandūr (Dr.)

Head of Physiology at the Azhar University (Cairo): Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs; Member of the Inter-religious Dialogue Commission

Terence Nicholas Quick ‎

Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece

Terry Jones (Pastor)

Pastor in a Church in Florida, Gainsville

Thābit ʿAbd Allāh (Dr.)

Iraqi scholar

Thābit ʿĪd (Dr.)

Egyptian researcher at University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Thanāʾ al-Karrās

Journalist; Author; Islamic thinker

Thanāʾ Rustum

Author; Journalist

Tharayyā Bashʿalānī (Dr.)
Tharwat al-Kharabāwī [Tharwat al-Kharbawy] (Dr.)

Author; Lawyer; Former member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Tharwat Badawī (Dr.)

Professor of Constitutional Law; Muslim Brotherhood Member

Tharwat Bāsīlī [Tharwat Bassily] (Dr.)

Businessman; Chairman of a Pharmaceutical Company; Member of the Shurá Council

Tharwat Fatḥī (Dr.)


Tharwat Isḥāq (Dr.)

Head of Sociology at cAyn Shams University (Cairo)

Tharwat Qādis(Dr. Rev.)

Chairman of the Council for Dialogue and Ecumenical Relations of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church-Egypt

Tharwat Ṣalāḥ Shiḥāta

Core member of Egyptian Islamic Jihād

Tharwat Shalabī

Egyptian reporter for al-Ahālī newspaper

Tharwat ʿAṭā Allāh

Member of al nour party

Tharwat ʿUkāsha (Dr.)

Former Egyptian minister of culture; intellectual; translator

The Grimm Brothers
Theo van Gogh (Film Director)

Dutch film director and journalist; Director of short film Submission (2004). Killed by Muḥammad Bouyeri [Būyirī] (2004).

Theodor Herzl (Political Activist)

Father of modern political Zionism; One of the founders of the state of Israel

Theodore Edgar McCarrick (Cardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington)

(*1930) American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

Theodosius I (Greek Orthodox Patriarch)
Theofilos [Thāʾūfīlus] (Bishop of Manfalūṭ and Abnūb, Asyūṭ)
Theophilos III (Patriarch of Jerusalem)
Theophilus (Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarch)
Theresa Shākir ʿAbd Allāh

Tried to convert to Islam

Theresa ʿAwad [Theresa Awad]

18-year old woman who disappeared in Beni Suef (October 8 2007, Al-Dustūr),  allegedly kidnapped to be forced to convert to Islam, no details or evidence given about the incidence, even die Coptic American Union got involved [Ref. Arab-West Report, Paper 6, p. 15, and: AWR, 2007, week 40, art. 14]

Thiyyūdūsiyyūs al-Suriyyānī [Theodosius al Suriyani] (Father, Coptic Orthodox Archpriest)

Author; Coptic Orthodox Archpriest

Thiyyūfīlus [Theophilus] (Saint, Pope)

Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria (385-412)

Thomas (Bishop)
Thomas Aquinas (Saint)

13th Century Italian philosopher; theologian; Catholic Priest

Thomas Arnold (Dr., Sir)

British Orientalist (1866-1930); Author

Thomas Cromwell (Author)

Former editor-in-chief of Middle Eastern Times; Author

Thomas Friedman (Journalist)

US journalist, columnist and multi Pulitzer Prize winning author

Thomas Georgesian


Thomas Merton (Father)

20th Century U.S. Catholic monk from the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky; Author; Poet; Social Activist

Thomas Milo (Arabist)
Thomas Rosica‎ (Fr.)
Thurayyā Bishʿīlānī (Soraya Bechealany), Dr.
Tilar de Sheridan (Monk)
Tim Cavanaugh (Journalist, Screenwriter)

American journalist and screenwriter based out of Alexandria, VA.

Tim Sebastian (Journalist, Novelist)

former BBC foreign correspondent

Tim Vivian (Rev., Dr.)

U.S. Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at California State University, Bakersfield, specialized in early Christian monasticism; Author

Tim Wilcox (Journalist)


Timothaos [Tīmūthāuʾs]

bishop of al-Zaqāzīq and Minya al-Qam

Timotheos Samuel Aktaş (Bishop of Tur Abdin)

Syrian-Orthodox Bishop of the Tur Abdin in Turkey

Timothy C. Morgan (Editor)

Deputy Managing Editor of Christianity Today magazine

Timothy Garton Ash (Historian)

Timothy Garton Ash is a historian, political writer and Guardian columnist.

Timothy John Winter [Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad] (Dr.)

a British Sunni Muslim Shaykh

Timothy McVeigh (Domestic Terrorist)

U.S. army veteran; Detonated a truck bomb in Oklahoma City (USA) on April 19, 1995, killing 168 people

Tīmūthāwus (Coptic Orthodox Assistant Bishop)

Coptic Orthodox Assistant Bishop of al-Qūṣīyah and Mīr; Assistant to Bishop Thomas

Tīmūthāwus Āfā Mīnā (Monk)
Tīrīzā Ayyād [Teresa Ayyad]

allegedly converted to Islam [ Ref. AWR, 2005, week 11, art. 13 and: Arab-West Report, paper 6, p.6]

Tīrīzā Ghaṭṭās Kāmil Jirjis [Teresa Ghattas Kamil Girgis]

On February 2, 2006, Al-Fajr published that Teresa Ghattās Kāmil Girgis was a victim of forced conversion to Islam [AWR, 2006, week 6, art. 7]

Tīrīzā Kamāl


Tīrīzā Shakir

A young muslim woman that allegedly run away and converted to Islam whereby it is unclear whether she was forced or not. She, her parents and two siblings were murdered after she returned home. One of her brother was accussed of the murder without adjudication [Mona Feise, 08.02.16]   

Titus Flavius Josephus [Josephus] (Historian)

Classical writer; Jewish historian

Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo (Indonesian Independence Leader)


leader Indische Partij (Indian/Indonesian Party) prior to the Indonesian independence.


Toine van Teeffelen (Dr.)

Development Director at Bethlehem's Arab Educational Institute; Author

Tom Hanks (Actor)

American actor; producer; writer and director

Tom Lantos (U.S. Representative)

Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California (1981-2008)

Tomasz P. "Tom" Malinowski (U.S. Diplomat)
Tomaž Grušovnik (Dr.)

Dr. Tomaž Grušovnik, Faculty of Education, University of Primorska, Slovenia

Tony Barber (Writer)

writer for Financial Times (UK)

Tore Bjørgo (Prof.)
Trish Prentice (Editor)

Former English editor for AWR

Truus Wierdsma (M.D.)

a Dutch medical doctor who lives and works with other Christian medical staff in a government hospital in Ṣaʿada, northern Yemen, speaks about the kidnapping of the Koolstra family