List of persons names (and their functions) used in AWR-Articles

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Name Function
Usāma `Abd al-`Azīm
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing [Former President of France]
Various men
Veit Rasshofer (Mr.)

Vice President of Egypt's Evangelical Nomination

Vera Jeschke
Victor M. Ordonez
Victor Ullate
Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul [V.S. Naipaul] (Sir, T.C.)

Trinidadian novelist; British Nobel Prize laureate

Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus (Religious Figure)

Religious Figure

Virginia Raggi (Dr.)

Mayor of Rome since 2016

Vivian Labīb
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (President of Russia)

Prime Minister of Russia (Since 2008); President of Russia (2000-2008)

Volker Popp (Islamic Scholar)

Volker Popp is a German orientalist with a focus on islamic numismatics, the independent scholar advocates controversial opinions about early islam, the origins of the qur'an and the existence of prophet Muhammad

Volkhard Windfuhr (Journalist, Arabist)

Head of the Cairo Foreign Press Association, Bureau Chief of the German magazine Der Spiegel


W. de Bock
W. Winston Skinner (Journalist)
Waḍaḥ Khanfar [Wadah Khanfar]

Waḍaḥ Khanfar is the former president of Al-Jazeera channel. He stepped down after eight years of presidency, which is supposedly linked to revelations about his cooperation with US military intelligence that intervened in Al-Jazeera's news coverage.

Wafāʾ al-Shīshīnī

Deputy chief editor of 'Akhir Sacah magazine; Author

Wafāʾ Bāssim


Wafāʾ Ḥafnī (Dr.)
Wafāʾ Qusṭanṭīn

ISIS took revenge for this woman by killing Christians in Libya.  

Wafāʾ Rafat ʿAdlī

Egyptian Christian woman who converted to Islam and left her Christian husband

Wafāʾ Shuʿayra

Journalist for Rose al-Yūsuf magazine; Author

Wafāʾ Sulṭān (Dr.)

Author and well known critic of Muslim society and Islam; Syrian-American psychiatrist

Wafāʾ Waṣfī

Author; Journalist for Rose al-Yussuf

Wahba al-Zuḥaylī
Wahīb Jirjis Ḥannā

Killed in the incidents of al-Kushḥ / Sohag (January 2000)

Waḥīd al-Uqṣurī

Head of Egyptian Arab Socialist Party

Waḥīd Ḥāmid

Author; Scriptwriter; Former President of the Egyptian Television

Waḥīd Rafat


Waḥīd Shaʿbān


Waḥīd ʿAbd al-Majīd (Dr.)

Political and Strategic Analyst; Vice President of al-Ahrām Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Wajdī Ghunaym (Shaykh)

Islamic Scholar; Muslim Brotherhood Member

Wajīh Abū Dhikrī

Egyptian Author and Journalist

Wajīh al-Shaymī

Islamic scholar

Wajīh Khayr Iqlādīyyūs

Former member of the Supreme Council of the Wafd Party

Walīd al-Baylī (Counselor)
Walīd al-Ḥaddād (Dr.)

Coordinator of the Foreign Relations’ Committee of the Freedom and Justice party (FJP)

Walīd ibn Rayyān
Walīd Ismāʿīl [Walid Ismael]

Salafi sheikh

Walīd Shalabī
Walīd Tūghān

Author; Journalist

Walīd ʿAbd al-Āwal

MP for the al-Nūr Party

Walīd ʿUrābī


Walter Rich
Wasfī Nāshid

President of the High State Security Court

Wāsif Buṭrus Ghālī

Diplomat; Scholar; Author; Son of assassinated Egyptian Prime Minister Buṭrus Ghālī

Wassīm al-Sīsī (Dr.)

Physician; Researcher in Egyptology; Author

Wassīm Fahīm
Wayṣa Fawzī [Member of Maspiro youth union]
Wāʾil al-Ḥaḍarī


Wāʾil al-Bashīr


Wāʾil al-Ḍabʿa Mīkhāʾīl

Killed in the incidents of al-Kushh / Sohag (January 2000)

Wāʾil al-Ibrāshī (Mr.)

Journalist; Editor-in-Chief for Ṣawt al-Ummah newspaper; Presenter of al-Ḥaqīqah TV Show

Wāʾil Ghunīm [Wael Ghoneim]

Egyptian political activist, administrator of the Facebook page ‘We are all Khaled Said'

Wāʾil Ḥadāra [Wael Haddara]

Former advisor to President Mursi, member of Parliamentarians Against the Coup

Wāʾil Ḥassan [Wael Hassan]
Wāʾil Iskandar [Wael Eskander]

Journalist present during the attack on the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in April 2015

Wāʾil Luṭfī

Author; Journalist

Wāʾil Qandīl
Wāʾil ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ

Author; Journalist

Wāʾil ʿAlī


Wenzel Michalski
Wijbren Jongsma

retired professor old English, University of Amsterdam

Wilhelm II (German emperor)
Wiliyam al-Mīrī (Dr.)

Journalist; Former University Professor

Wiliyam Sulaymān Qīlāda (Dr.)

Late Coptic Orthodox scholar; Judge; Author; Historical researcher

Wiliyam Wīṣā (Dr.)

Author; Journalist; media expert

Willem van`t Spijker (Prof., Dr.)
William Burns (Amb.)
William Dalrymple (Historian)

A multiple-award winning historian and travel writer

William E. Koehn
William Eugene Blackstone (Evangelist, Zionist)

19th Century U.S. Methodist preacher; Christian Zionist

William Franklin Graham III (Rev.)

American Christian evangelist and missionary; President and CEO of both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse

William G. Boykin (Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence)

Deputy undersecretary of defense

William J. van den Heuvel (Ambassador)
William James Durant

U.S. Historian and philosopher; author of ’The Story of Civilization’

William Jefferson Clinton [Bill Clinton] (President)

President of the USA (1993- 2001); Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation; UN special envoy to Haiti (since 2009)

William Leister (Dr.)

U.S. author and historian living in Cairo

William Montgomery Watt (Dr.)

Late Scottish historian; Emeritus Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Edinburgh University

William Pfaff

U.S. author; Journalist and Columnist for a.o. The Herald Tribune

Winfried Schulz (Sociologist)
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (Prime Minister of Great Britain)

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a politician and  Prime Minister of Great Britain  (1940 - 1945/ 1951 - 1955)

Wīṣā (Bishop of al-Balyanā, Sohag)

Bishop of al-Balyanā / Sohag (Since 1975)

Wīṣā Wāṣif

Prominent Coptic member of the National Party (1873-1931)

Wissām Muḥammad al-Duwīnī

Egyptian AWR Intern (DEDI program 2006)

Wiʾām Suwaylam [Diplomat] (Egypt)
Wolfgang Häde
Wolfgang Schäuble (German Minister of Finance)

German Minister of Finance (Since 2009); Minister of the Interior (2005-2009); Member of the CDU party

Wolfram Reiss (Rev., Dr. )

German scholar (focused on intercultural dialogue); Pastor

Woodrow Wilson (U.S. President)

President of the USA (1913-1921); President of Princeton University (1902-1910)

Yael Lerer

Publisher/activist who was born in Tel Aviv in the late 1960s and since 2002 head of Andalus, a small Israeli press dedicated exclusively to publishing contemporary Arabic literature in Hebrew.

Yaḥiyā al-Jamāl (Dr.)

Prominent judicial figure; Professor of Constitution law; Former Minister

Yaḥiyā al-Kishk

Governor of Asyut

Yaḥiyā al-Rakhāwī (Dr.)

Psychiatrist; Author

Yaḥiyā Ḥalīm (Dr.)
Yaḥiyā Ḥamad [Yahia Hamed]

Minister of Investment, installed by then president Muhammad Mursi in 2013

Yaḥiyā ibn al-Baṭrīq
Yaḥiyā Ismāʿīl Ḥablūsh (Dr.)

Former Secretary General of the Azhar Islamic Scholar's Front; lecturer of Ḥadith at the Azhar University

Yaḥiyā Qadrī