List of persons names (and their functions) used in AWR-Articles

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Name Function
ʿImād (Christian Youth from Maḥalla al-Kubrā)

Stabbed father Stephanus Ṣubḥī in al-Maḥallah al-Kubrá

ʿImād Abū Ghāzī

The minister of culture in Egypt

ʿImād al-Dīn Ḥussayn (Editor-in-Chief - Egypt)
ʿImād al-Fiqī


ʿImād al-Ghazālī


ʿImād al-Rikābī (Head of Investigation Dept. in Alexandria Police)
ʿImād Bāsīlī


ʿImād Felix

A lawyer, particpated in a roundtable discussion initiated by AWR on the amendment of Art. 2 of the Constitution (see AWR-Paper Nr. 40 )


ʿImād Ḥijāb


ʿImād Ḥussayn (Journalist)
ʿImād Ḥussayn Ḥassan (Politician)

Deputy interior minister and former head of the Police Academy

ʿImād Karam

Executive Director of IofC International. He is Palestinian British. Imad grew up in Gaza and won a scholarship to do postgraduate studies in media and communications in London where he also obtained his PhD on the impact of the media on Arab youth identity.

ʿImād Khalīl
ʿImād Khayra


ʿImād Makkī

Author; Editor and founder of the news agency America in Arabic in Washington

ʿImād Nazīh
ʿImād Samīr ʿAwwād (Eng.)

Coptic activist and journalist living in the USA

ʿImād Shāhīn [Emad Shahin] (Prof. Dr.)

Egyptian professor for political science

ʿImād Ṭaha


ʿImād Taklā

reporter in the Copts Daily Digest

ʿImād ʿAbd al-Ghaffūr [Emad Abdel Ghaffour] (Dr.)

former head of the Salafi Al-Watan party

ʿImād ʿAwnī

owner of Aman Group

ʿImād ʿAzmī Grays

Author; Journalist

ʿImād ʿĪssā Jirjis [Emad Isa Girgis]

He was reported by Sawt al-Ummah to haven seeken top security agency's help to complete his procedures to convert to Islam, [ Ref. AWR, 2005, week 37, art. 24]

ʿInāya Aḥmad

The Qinā branch of the National Women Council coordinator 

ʿIrīyān Labīb Ḥannā


ʿIṣām Ḥamīd (Imam)
ʿIṣām Musulinī (Member of ‘urfī panel)
ʿIṣmat Zaqlama (Dr.)

Coptic Activist; Head of the Coptic Foundation

ʿIṣmat ʿAbd al-Majīd (Dr.)

Secretary-general of the League of Arab States (1991-2001); Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1984-1991)

ʿĪssā bin Salmān

First King of Bahrain 

ʿĪssā Jirjis (Dr.)

Head of the Victoria Hospital; Member of the Coptic Orthodox Majlis al-Millī author

ʿIṣṣām al- Ḥaḍarī [Essam al-Hadary] (Egyptian footballer)
ʿIṣṣām al-Badawī (Governor of al-Minyā)
ʿIṣṣām al-Dīn Ḥassan
ʿIṣṣām al-Ḥaddād

Member of the Muslim Brotherhood 

ʿIṣṣām al-Ḥamlī (Major General)
ʿIṣṣām al-Islāmbūlī (Lawyer)
ʿIṣṣām al-Kurdī

President of The Office of Cultural Relations and Education in Montreal 

ʿIṣṣām al-Qamarī

Former General in Egyptian Army; Weapons smuggler; Leading figure in Egyptian Jihād group

ʿIṣṣām al-Sharīf
ʿIṣṣām al-ʿIrīyān [Essam el Erian] (Dr.)

Head of the Muslim Brotherhood Political office; Assistant secretary-General of the Doctors' syndicate


ʿIṣṣām Darbāla

Leading figure of al-Jamācah al-Islāmiyyah

ʿIṣṣām Faḍl


ʿIṣṣām Faraj

Vice-President of the Supreme Constitutional Court (Egypt)

ʿIṣṣām Fāris

Lebanese MP representing a northern region (at least in 1996)

ʿIṣṣām Hādī


ʿĪṣṣām Hilmī (General)
ʿIṣṣām Khalīl
ʿIṣṣām Luṭfī


ʿIṣṣām Mansī [MP] (Egypt)
ʿIṣṣām Sarṭāwī

Dr Issam Sartawi was a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization 

ʿIṣṣām Sharaf (Dr.)

Prime Minister of Egypt (February 2011-October 2011)

ʿIṣṣām Shīḥa
ʿIṣṣām Sulṭān

Former Brotherhood leading figure and a founder of al-Wasaṭ Party; Author

ʿIṣṣām ʿAbd al-Jawwād


ʿIṣṣām ʿAbd al-Majīd (Gama'a Islamiyyah)
ʿIṣṣām ʿAbd al-Salām

Egyptian engineer who ran for Egypt's 1995 parliamentary elections in Shubrā

ʿIṣṣām ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz


ʿIṣṣām ʿAbd Allāh (Dr.)

Professor of philosophy and literature at cAyn Shams University

ʿIzz al-Dīn Najīb


ʿIzza al-Jarf (Azza El-Garf)
ʿIzza al-Khūlī (Prof.)
ʿIzza Karīm (Dr.)

Egyptian professor of Sociology at the National Centre for Social Research

ʿIzza Sulaymān

Director of the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance

ʿIzza ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz


ʿIzza ʿUmār Muḥammad Zakī

Student at Ecole Française Champollion d'Alexandrie who was banned from entering her class with hijab

ʿIzzat al-Rishq

Leader in the Islamic Resistance Movement [HAMAS]

ʿIzzat al-Sayyid
ʿIzzat al-Saʿadanī

Journalist at al-Ahrām newspaper; Editor-in-chief of cAlā' al-Dīn children's magazine; author

ʿIzzat Andrāwus [Izzat Andrawus]

owner of the website

ʿIzzat Ḥabīb Ṣalīb (Prof.)
ʿIzzat Ibrāhīm

rights activist

ʿIzzat Labīb

a prominent Coptic figure in Nazlah (Egypt)

ʿIzzat Shākir (Father)
ʿIzzat ʿAbd Allāh

Governor of Beni Suef

ʿIzzat ʿAfīfī ‎(Father)

parish priest of the Coptic Evangelical Church of Banī Mazār, Minya‎

ʿIzzat ʿAṭiyya (Dr.)

Disqualified Head of the Ḥadith Faculty of Theology Al Azhar University

ʿIzzāzī ʿAlī ʿIzzāzī

Egyptian journalist at al-Usbūc and al-Ahrām newspaper

ʿUbaydullah al-Jābir ī (Shaykh)
ʿUday Ṣaddām Ḥussayn

ʿUday Ṣaddām Ḥussayn (18 June 1964 – 22 July 2003) was the eldest son of Ṣaddām Ḥussayn.

ʿUjayl al-Nishmī

Kuwaiti preacher

ʿUlā al-Qaraḍāwī
ʿUlā Jalāl

Egyptian journalist; Translator for AWR; Author

ʿUlā Muṣṭafā ʿĀmir


ʿUlā ʿĀdil


ʿUlwānī Mughīb


ʿUmār Abū Bakr


ʿUmar Aḥmad

Founder and Chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations (1994 -2005)

ʿUmar al-Bashīr (President of Sudan)

President of Sudan (Since 1993); Prime Minister of Sudan (1989-1993)

ʿUmar al-Basṭawaysī (Shaykh)

Head of the Central Administration for Public Relations and Media in the Azhar

ʿUmar al-Dīb (Shaykh)

Undersecretary of Azhar; Head of the Committee for Inter-Religious Dialogue

ʿUmār al-Ḥitāmī (Mr.)

managing director of Orascom Housing Development

ʿUmār al-Sayyid Khalīl (Shaykh)
ʿUmar al-Shanīṭī

an independent economist heavily engaged in the analysis of the Middle East economic issues.

ʿUmar al-Sharīf [Omar Sharif] {Michel Dimitri Chalhoub} (Actor)

Arab Egyptian actor who starred in Hollywood films; nominated for an Academy Award and won three three Golden Globe Awards

ʿUmar Bakrī Muḥammad (Shaykh)

Islamist militant leader; Founder of Ḥizb al-Taḥrīr as a major organization in the United Kingdom; leader of Al-Muhajirūn organization till 2004

ʿUmar Ibn al-Farīd

medieval Sufī poet 

ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb (Caliph)

7th Century ruler; Second Caliph of Rashidun Caliphate; one of the most powerful and influential early Muslim rulers

ʿUmar ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz (Caliph)

Umayyad caliph (717-720)