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The author comments on the recent Shūrá Council’s mid-term elections. He believes that the coverage of the election was mediocre, and that poor press coverage of events is helping to further distance the concept of citizenship.
Coptic Orthodox church asked the National Democratic Party to nominate a Copt to the third constituency that includes Muharrām Bik, Ghurbāl, and Karmūz which have a large Coptic population.
During his participation in a conference of expatriate Copts in New York a few weeks ago, the deputy chairman of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization (EUHRO), Māhir Khallah, accused the organizers of the conference of distorting the image of Egypt abroad by representing individual...
The article reports on a tour of US churches for some Christian and Muslim figures organized by the American embassy in Cairo.
The article reports on contacts between ‘Adlī Abādīr, an extremist expatriate Copt and Mahir Khilla, a Coptic activist living in Egypt, who turned down Abādīr’s invitation to a conference held in Zurich to discuss Coptic problems, as a result of which, Abādīr accused Khilla of treachery.
Mājid ‘Atīya clarifies some points concerning the participation of Copts in the recent parliamentary elections.
A discussion of the number of Coptic candidates in the elections.
A summary of articles about a controversial document attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood, which bodes no good for the future of the Copts in Egypt.
An investigation, carried out with help of AWR editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman, into the events surrounding the riots in Alexandria on Friday, October 21, 2005.
Some might have expected the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to pay gratitude to the Copts in the parliamentary elections, but in fact, only one Copt was nominated by the NDP in the Ghurbāl constituency in Alexandria.
The sectarian tensions in Alexandria are linked by the author to the electoral campaign between Copts and Muslims in Alexandria.
Several key figures of the Muslim Brotherhood had visited Khilla in his office, promising to support his election campaign, but the Brotherhood later broke its promise.
A press review of articles concerning the allegedly anti-Islamic play performed in the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims.
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