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  Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark's Church, has delegated Bishop Antonios, Bishop of Jerusalem for Orthodox Copts, to attend a ceremony organized by the Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian Churches on Wednesday, marking the end of the 10-month restoration process of the...
The issue of the ban of the Egyptian Coptic Church on Coptic Christians visiting Jerusalem to perform the pilgrimage rituals was raised in the media and stirred a debate in the past week in concurrence with Easter celebrations. 
Jamāl al-Shobaki, Palestine ambassador to Egypt and its permanent representative at the Arab League, attended today the ceremonial consecration of the new Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop for Jerusalem, Bishop Theodor al-Antūni who was enthroned by Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church...
Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb urged world nations to vote in favor of a Palestinian state during the UN General Assembly vote scheduled for Friday. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a formal request for the recognition of a Palestinian state during the Friday meeting.  
This article reflects on the Muslim reactions to Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem, or Zion, is mentioned in the Bible as the homeland of the Jews 850 times.
Hulsman recently met with Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former secretary general of the United Nations. Ghali explained his views on the recent Israeli war on Gaza and also his attitude toward the Egyptian media reporting of tensions between different religious communities.
The article reflects on the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The author discusses the various strategies that Hamās and Fatah are taking and analyzes the possible different Israeli reactions to the situation.
Dr. Hālah Mustafá, the editor-in-chief of al-Dimuqrātīyah magazine at al-Ahrām and member of the National Democratic Party’s Policies Secretariat gives her opinion on current national and international issues and discusses the obstacles to political reform in Egypt.
The prominent Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote about a number of topics related to the developments in the Egyptian and Arab arenas, sending a number of press messages to figureheads in the Arab world.
Recent statements made by the US administration, denouncing the scandal [refers to assaulting demonstrators] of the amendment of article 76 of the constitution, has put the government in a predicament after Washington called for bringing to trial the persons who assaulted the demonstrators...


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