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In this article the author condemns the denial made by several Arab and Muslim intellectuals of the Holocaust, referring to the conference that took place in Tehran in this regard.
Condoleezza Rice’s tour to the Middle East region reveals the new American formula of “moderation versus extremism.”
Many political and military leaders employ God and religion to realize their own political and murderous aims. The following text deals with historical examples from the past till present time.
This review deals with the controversy still blazing over the split of clergyman Max Michel from the mother Coptic Orthodox Church, and his establishment of Qur’ān independent church and a holy synod for Copts in Egypt and the Middle East.
The author examines the question of how to ensure that democracy in Middle Eastern countries does not come at the expense of secularism, personal freedoms, and equal rights for women and minorities, given that both American policy-makers and most Arabs hold to the reductionist view that democracy...
News of three bombs in Dahab, Sinai on the evening of April 24, 2006, killing 23 people including 20 Egyptians, and injuring 62 others including 42 Egyptians.
The author comments on the plan of the Israeli media to control the American public opinion. She believes that this plan does not only target the American public opinion but the Arab as well. She believes that many Arab media outlets have already started applying some of the points of the Israeli...
For Arab Christians, this Christmas my have been a time for introspection, but for Arab Muslims it was time for some serious thinking. The last holiday season more than any other in recent memory witnessed events of inclusions and exclusion, both sad and dramatic, symbolically.
Jordan’s clampdown on the activities of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is bound to put an end to complaints by the Palestine National Authority and Israel, diplomats and political analysts said on Tuesday.


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