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Maḥmūd Ḥabīb criticizes an article about the Bahā’ī belief.
A student of higher studies at the Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] Faculty, al-Minūfīyah branch of the Azhar University, wrote a PhD thesis deeming that the Rose al-Yūsuf periodical and founder were Kāfir. In week 50, AWR presented a series of reactions published in Rose al- Yūsuf. The...
Muftīī of the Republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah, severely criticizes religious opinions proclaimed by non-specialists on satellite channels and said these opinions, which should not be called fatwás, cause confusion amongst Muslims. He urged society to adopt a common culture to confront these opinions.
In this interview, the minister of religious endowments warns of "foolish acts" by some Muslims, which he says could pose a real threat to the Muslim nation, stressing that the niqāb is a tradition and not a religious duty.
The deletion of the religious reference from identification cards or the issuance of them according to the nearest mosque will lead, contrary to pretenders’ allegations, to the loss of human rights, Egyptian identity and the elimination of Egyptian history.
Over the past few months, many Egyptian intellectuals and Christian clergy have called for the removal of any reference to religious affiliation from identity cards. Amongst these was Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl, who stated in al-Maydān of August 16, 2006 that the inclusion of religious...
Sawt al-Azhar extends its sincere congratulations on the safe return of Pope Shenouda III from a trip abroad for medical treatment.
In this interview, Metropolitan George Salība of Mt Lebanon reaffirms the importance of the dialogue of religions and civilizations.
A few days ago, the Doha Fourth Interfaith Conference opened amidst increasing calls to stress the role of religions in saving humankind from evil.
The article is an interview with Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq, the Minister of Endowments. He comments on the issues of renewing the Islamic religious discourse, Islamic preaching and attacking Islam. He believes that renewing the Islamic religious discourse does not mean touching upon the pillars of...


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