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‘Abd al-Rūsūl highlights the positive changes achieved in Egypt regarding the Islamic groups. He points out the recent efforts to achieve a compromise between the Egyptian government on one hand and al-Jihād organization and al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah on the other.
Pope Shenouda III has reportedly urged Copts to participate in politics and announced that the church is reconsidering the bylaw on nominating for the patriarch post.
The article discusses the Coptic Orthodox Church’s disagreements with Waṭanī newspaper and its intention to issue several newspapers that address church’s issues.
Ṭal‘at Jār Allāh believes the state’s rejection of Pope Shenouda nominations for the Shūrá Council’s elections was a letter to the Copts who wish to integrate into political life to stay away from the church and to separate religion and politics.
The relationship between the ruling party presided by President Mubārak and Pope Shenouda reached an impasse after Mubārak ignored a request submitted by Pope Shenouda to appoint three Copts in al-Shūrá Council.
The Egyptian government freezes the assets of 29 leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood. The tireless Brotherhood nevertheless plots to infiltrate the Shūrá Council to submit a candidate to run for president.
The Egyptian government has recently released a thousand members of Al-Gama?a Al-Islamiya on the occasion of the anniversary of the October 6 war. Significantly, Karam Zuhdi, leader of the group, Fou?ad Muhammad Al-Dawalibi and Essam Abdel-Magd, members of the Shura Council of the group, have also...
The Egyptian Kifāyah [Enough] movement announced that George Ishāq, its general coordinator, will be stepping down and will be replaced by ‘Abd al-Wahāb al-Misīrī, a renowned philosopher in application of the core principles and values of the movement.
Police authorities finally arranged a meeting between prisoner Abū ‘Umar and his family after detaining him in an unknown location for three years. Abū ‘Umar had been arrested by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its Italian counterpart, in Milan in 2003 over his alleged relations with...
The police authorities gave the head of the Jihād Group, ‘Abbūd al-Zumur, a temporary release for 24 hours to spend time with his family. Sources from the family asserted that this was a step toward the permanent release and the end of the group’s crisis.


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