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In March 2007, a referendum changed several articles of the Egyptian Constitution.
This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
The first time there was chatter about the establishment of a Coptic state was during the time of late President Anwar al-Sadāt, when the idea of setting up the so-called State of Assiut had first emerged.
Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
    Over the last several weeks, controversial remarks by Bishop Bīshūy of Damietta and Islamic thinker Dr. Salīm al-‘Awwā have filled the pages of the Egyptian newspapers. AWR Chief Editor Cornelis Hulsman provides a recap of the events....  
The situation of Christians in Iraq is a lamentable one. Hulsman briefly explains their plight but also warns Iraqi Christians about associating themselves too much with the Americans. This is also a strategy that is used by Coptic activists in Egypt.
Father Bimen highlights what he considers to be events that contribute to the activation of citizenship in Egypt in 2007.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the Egyptian government’s stance toward Copts and claims that the regime is attempting to destroy the Coptic cause.
Khalīl sheds light on the Egyptian group called ’Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.’ He points out the various tasks and challenges.


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