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The author comments on the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood, believing that it eliminates the basis of the civil state in order to promote a religious state instead.
Rev. Rif‘at Fikrī comments on the Middle East Forum on Liberties held last November.
The first conference of the Middle East Freedoms Forum was held in Cairo under the title: “Where is Egypt heading?” The following lines present information about the participants and the main subjects that were discussed during the conference.
Sharqāwī accuses Majdī Khalīl of sowing sedition in Egypt and claims that he is prone to exaggeration when discussing Copts’ problems in Egypt.
Majdī Khalīl launched his new Middle East Freedoms Forum. The author discusses the opening conference without hiding her criticism and discontentment.
Hānī Ahmad Rizq reports on the discussions that took place in the introductory conference of the Middle East Forum on Freedoms, which witnessed a lot of controversy and clashes between participants.
The Ottoman Turkish genocide against the Armenian people is documented, proved and awaiting widespread international condemnation. The following lines present a background to the international reactions of the incident.
The following lines discuss the ongoing reactions to the Chicago conference held by the Coptic Assembly of America. While some observers accuse the delegates of trying to achieve American goals in Egypt, others call for opening the channels of dialogue.
Majdī Khalīl discusses relations between the Egyptian government and what he calls the Coptic movement both within and outside Egypt. He indicates the problems and suggests solutions.
Muslim author Jamāl al-Bannā stated that Western nations are targeting Egypt’s social order and national unity. The chairman of the Middle East Christians Association claimed that Christians have much fewer churches in relation to their proportion of the population than Muslims have mosques....


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