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In this article the author discusses Islamic Organizations in the West’s use of some defensive terms such as "Islamophobia" and "Islamic Horror" in opposition to "Islamic Terrorism", the term used by the West to describe terrorist attacks. He points out that such terms ferment hatred against the...
Khalīl defines “reform” and highlights the difference between errors and corruption. He hails Pope Shenouda as a remarkable personality and a instigator of reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church in the modern era, and denounces all the destructive powers that attempt to ruin the Coptic Orthodox...
The author discusses problems that threaten the stability of Egypt such as the divisions between Muslims and Christians, rich and poor, the government and the public, security and the citizen, and finally the division between religion and ethics.
German radio contacted AWR for a radio interview about the Holy Family tradition at the Holy Virgin Church in Maadi. Two Egyptian legal experts have drafted a proposed law to regulate conversions.
The author claims that Egypt has been a hotbed of successive Muslim conquerors.
Majdī Khalīl sheds light on the difference between citizenship rights and the political activity of clergymen, and highlights the rarity of clergymen who are politically active.
The author discusses the background, aims, and plans of so-called International Islamism. He comments on what he believes to be the three trends that make up International Islamism, and the main platforms that they rely on.
Islamic democracy is a new lie intended to deceive the world. The Islamic discourse of Muslim scholars and preachers differs according to the target audience. The only solution for the problems of Muslim societies is to separate between religion and the state.
Salmá Anwar presents an overview of her internship from January 15 to July 31, 2007.
President of U.S. Copts Association [USCA] Michael Munīr will visit Cairo to continue his suspicious discussions about the persecution of Copts in Egypt.


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