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The issue of culling and executing all pigs in Egypt dominated the discussions of the Shūrá Council last week.
January 7 is the day when Copts, in accordance with the Coptic calendar, celebrate Christmas. The occasion received a significant amount of attention in the Egyptian press that published a considerable number of articles about Coptic issues in general and the Christmas celebrations in particular....
The Egyptian press continues to focus on the health condition of the ailing head of the Coptic Orthodox Church who celebrated the 36th anniversary of his consecration in the See of Saint Mark.
Former navy officer engineer Ahmad Hasan Ma’mūn sent a letter to the author in which he expressed his astonishment at the allegations of persecution and discrimination against Copts. He indicated that Copts were assuming high-ranking posts in the army during the 1973 war.
The author of the article describes the bureaucratic and legal difficulties that the Monastery of the Holy Virgin has experienced in trying to establish a small wooded area near its premises.
Aḥmad al- Sa‘dāwī reports about the two 2007 New Year’s ceremonies held in Egypt by Pope Shenouda and Father Maximus.
The Egyptian press has widely covered Christmas celebrations held by the Coptic Orthodox Church and presided over by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
Egyptian President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak yesterday opened the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo, recently renovated at a cost of L.E. 30 million. The renovation was made through a $300 million from the Japanese government, the Egyptian minister of culture, Fārouq Husnī said.
The author focuses on the Coptic library of Mar Marqus which contains a large number of rare manuscripts and books, as well as Pope Shenouda’s decision to appoint 40 Coptic public figures to the library’s board of trustees.
With the attendance of a large number of Egyptian religious and political figures, Bishop Antonius Najīb, 71, was ordained yesterday as the new patriarch of Coptic Catholics in Egypt at the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Nasr City, Cairo.
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