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The article looks at recent incidents of fundamentalism in Egypt, citing the examples of a university course at Alexandria University and an Islamic thinker who has accused priests of secretly baptising converts.
The author thinks all Muslims are accused of terrorism unless they accept kneeling before the Western hegemony.
Hānī Ahmad Rizq interviews the Muslim Dā‘iyah Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh, owner of al-Ummah religious satellite channel, who spoke about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt and accused Christians of targeting Muslim youth.
Father Makārī Yūnān presents his response to Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār’s accusations of Coptic Orthodox clergymen forcing Muslims to convert and declaring that the Bible was distorted.
Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār accuses Coptic Orthodox clergymen of forcing Muslims to convert and declares that the Bible was distorted. The Coptic Orthodox Church responded denouncing Zaghlūl’s allegations.
Hānī al-A‘sar reviews Pope Shenouda’s last weekly sermon of Pope Shenouda, highlighting that the pope refused to provide support for the family of the claimed to be kidnapped Christian female minor.
Father Makary Younan is accused of convincing Muslim women to embrace Christianity. He used to treat sick or troubled Christians and Muslims inside his church.
The author talks about a discussion he participated in about ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and freedom of expression in Egypt.
The report examines the definitions of polemics, the differing views of what constitutes polemics, including the Danish cartoons and the play in Alexandria which led to sectarian violence, Mīzān al-Haqq, a 19th century Christian polemical book against Islam and the Gospel of Barnabas, which is the...
Christ takes care of two children buried alive with their parents for 28 days. This story became wide-spread in churches and among Coptic families. Young people passed the story stating that church clerics are asserting it. The rumor mentions that the two children are of a Muslim family without...


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