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Sawt al-Ummah interviews the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and questions him on a number of controversial issues.
The author reviews the opinions of several intellectuals about the mysterious spread of niqāb-clad women in Egypt.
Throughout its long history, the major religious institution in Egypt, the Azhar, has been known for its neutral moderate stance on the different issues on the Egyptian political domain. In recent years, however, Azhar scholars have increasingly featured on the political scene.
The Muslim Brotherhood group is poised to make the best use of the voting in the parliamentary elections, scheduled for November 9, to impose a fait accompli on the regime and other political powers.
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary candidate and Professor of Arab Literature at the Azhar University, Dr. Makārim al-Dīrī, says that men are superior to women, but also argues for increased female participation in political issues.
Over 200 Muslim Brotherhood candidates will run for parliament in several Egyptian governorates, said Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Supreme Guide, Dr. Muhammad Habīb.
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