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According to Mustafá Rajab, Jamā‘ah Islamīyah has tried to change its radical position to more a social and democratic one. It has issued books and statements portraying its new philosophy, which is considered to be repentant for everything it has done in terms of violence against the...
The author criticizes the practices of Copts residing abroad, namely in the United States, and their conferences which end in recommendations that have a negative impact on the Christians of Egypt and lead to serious splits and seditions in society.
A recent survey on Islam-West relations has revealed deep misunderstanding and suspicions on both sides between the Muslim world and the West, Makram Muhammad Ahmad says.
A few days ago, Father Mattā al-Miskīn [Matthew the poor] passed away at the age of 87, leaving behind a legacy of books on monastic life. In his book, al-Kanīsa wa al-Dawla [The church and the state], Father al -Miskīn warned against sowing sedition between Muslims and Christians in Egypt,...
American stereotypical images about Islam. Friction in U.S. Foreign Policy and a sharp rise in anti-Americanism in Arab world. Book warning against religious leaders involving in the politics of the state.
This press review investigates the three consecutive bombings in the Sinai resort of Dahab from an analytical perspective amidst growing suspicions of the loyalty of the Bedouins of Sinai to their Egyptian homeland. It also includes suggestions about the involvement of al-Qā‘ida network.
The review tackles the incidents of Alexandria, where a man, alleged by the Ministry of the Interior to be a lunatic, stormed three churches one after the other, and stabbed worshippers while chanting Muslim slogans in praise of the Prophet Muhammad.
In an interview to Rose al-Yousuf magazine, veteran journalist Makram Muhammad Ahmad said that harshening punishments against journalists harms society and that activating the profession;s code of ethics would solve a lot of problems.
The article is an interview with Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III. He comments on the relation between the church and the state, opposition within the church, divorce among Copts, homosexuality, his relations with former president Sadāt and his relation with Archpriest Mattá al-Maskīn [Yūsuf...
The Minister of Interior declared that a new Jihad cell of 25 members, including six foreigners, was arrested.


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