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There is no religious strife (fitnah)  in Egypt, but there is religious tension; there is no Christian persecution in Egypt, but there is Christian discrimination. This, in summary, was the message presented in a seminar organized by the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS),...
‘Amr Bayyūmī discusses the recent criticisms that have been directed at senior leaders of both the Coptic Orthodox and the Protestant churches.
Al-Fāris reviews a book by Pastor Dr. Makram Najīb entitled, ’al-Wāqi‘ al-Injīlī fī al-Sharq al-Awsat’ [The Evangelical Reality in the Middle East]. The author reviews the reality of the Evangelical Church and provides details about his experience as a nominee to the presidency of the Evangelical...
The article sheds light on the main ideas of a book entitled, ‘‘al-Muwāṭanah fi-Mujtama‘ Muta‘adid: Ru’yah Masīhīyyah,’ [Citizenship in a Diverse Society: A Christian View] by Reverend Dr. Makram Najīb. The book handles the idea of citizenship.
The writer criticizes what is happing on satellites channels and those who broadcast unreasonable religious opinions that mislead the youth.
Chairman of the Protestant Communicty Council, Safwat al-Bayādī, won the chairman post with a margin of three votes over his rival Makram Najīb in an election battle that took place while other battles within the denomination are still ongoing in the courts.
Pastor Safwat al-Bayādī was re-elected as chairman of the Coptic Evangelical denomination and Andre Zakī vice chairman, in the denomination’s presidential election held last Wednesday.
The article discusses the case of Dr. George Bibāwī and his problem with the holy council, as well as the ideas presented by Rev. Dr. Makram Najīb in his book ‘Christianity and National Belonging.’
The Evangelical Laymen’s Council has decided to hold the election for the post of chairman of the Evangelical denomination on March 7 rather than March 23, and to nominate Safwat al-Biyādī and rev. Makram Najīb for the post.
The Evangelical election scheduled for March 23, 2007, is expected to be more exciting this time. Dr. Rev. Makram Najīb is running for head of the denomination against Dr. Re. Ṣafwat al-Bayyāḍī.
Dayanā al-Dhab‘ reports about the Evangelical Church elections.
Have church sessions succeeded in helping youth on their way to marriage? The answer may be found in the growing attendance of even Muslims and foreigners at sessions for youth who are considering getting married.
The attacks of September 11 affected the American religious discourse. There is a tendency to believe that what happened to America reflected God’s anger on that nation because of the immoral life it leads. A second trend agrees with the first one in its concentration on moral issues, but differs...
Comment on the role played by official Christian churches and denominations in the US and the whole world in regard to the Iraqi and Palestinian issues. The article explains that there is a difference between the tendencies of the US Christian Right Wing and those of official churches.
Interviews with a Christian judge and a protestant pastor on the issue of Khula’ in Christianity and the Personal Status Law for Christians.
The head of the Episcopal Church in Egypt and North Africa says that Arab Christians should give the West a true picture of their societies. Presbyterian Rev. Makram Naguib points out that because of the strong relations between the Presbyterian churches in Egypt and America, the latter supports...
The article looks at the different religious groups in America and discusses the possibility of initiating a global dialogue among moderate religious people. The author´s main purpose of the article is to encourage concerned bodies in the Arab and Islamic world to build bridges for a civilized...
After the attacks of September 11, 300 Christian-Zionist groups surfaced and started attacking Muslims, through the different mass media they control. Such groups are Protestant Christian groups penetrated by Zionism and they believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that Muslims follow...
Evangelical churches performed special prayers for the victims of the Israeli massacres in Jerusalem. In their prayers they asked God to bless president Mubarak’s efforts to achieve peace. They also asked the international society to stop the Israeli violence against innocent people.
Atef Helmi, an Egyptian Catholic, focuses his criticism on what he considers superstition of Egyptian Charismatics who are linked to American Charismatic movements.


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