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Bloody clashes swarmed the village of Faraj Allah in al-Minya governorate and a number of the surrounding villages in the fourth day of tensions between Muslims and Copts. The fighting erupted violently on the evening of 6th August, resulting in the deaths of four Copts and three Muslims.    
Al-Kalimah Center for Human Rights released a press release on demolishing of the church of the two martyrs in Helwan.    
Anger spread among Copts after announcing the appointment of ten (seven are copts) in the parliament; Copts' outrage came over appointing Jamāl As‘ad, coptic thinker known for his hostility to church and attacking Pope Shenouda, in addition, excluding Georgette Qalīnī for her defense on Copts...
The Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law says that it was astonished by the Egyptian Authorities and Church's response to the Kamilia Shehata incident and by their violations of Kamilia's human rights. In response to these accusations of human rights violations, an unnamed...
Last week, Samy Aziz Fahmy a young boy about to turn 18 disappeared from Semesta, Beni Suef.    On his 18th birthday it was announced that he had converted to Islam. The conversion sparked demonstrations from both Muslims and Copts in the area which resulted in sectarian violence. The validity of...
This article deals with the rules of conversion from Christianity to Islam, and vice-versa, in Egypt.
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
The Egyptian government allowed Coptic satellite channel Agape to broadcast on the Egyptian satellite NileSat. The step was hailed as a good sign of the state’s moderation.
This article reviews some Coptic thinkers’ answers to this question: Why does the government respond to the demands of expatriate Copts and ignore Copts inside Egypt?
Coptic lawyers ask to meet Pope Shenouda III Thursday, and members of the Community Council call for the removal of the council’s deputy.


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