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Watani interviewed a number of intellectuals and human rights activists to discover their views on the rise of sectarian attacks in Egypt.
Two AWR interns investigate the news coverage of a dispute that took place in al-Tayyibah village, Minia. They analyzed the press reports of the incident and then look at the reconciliation sessions that took place in the wake of the conflict.
The article highlights the consequences of the difficulties surrounding divorce and re-marriage in church procedures and the delay in issuing the new personal status law for non-Muslims.
Mājid ‘Atiyah wonders why a village with a Christian name had its name changed.
Al-Wafd reportson the Education minister al-Jamal’s decision to change parts of the history curriculum.
The Administrative Court approved the Azhar decision not to enroll Christian students at the Azhar University.
European Copts have been invited to attend a conference on religious freedom in Egypt that will be held in Germany later this month.
In the final issue of the year there are always a number of delayed articles that should have been included earlier. Hulsman expresses his hope that the work of Arab-West Report will become part of Western institute and help to add to a proper understanding of Muslim-Christian relations. However it...
Self proclaimed Bishop Maximus contests a ruling by the administrative court regarding identifying his religious title on his ID.
Church leaders described the law that prevents demonstrations in houses of worship as an unprecedented step that aims to deprive Copts of their rights.


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