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Mamdūh Ramzī, in this interview with al-Wafd, talks about his request to form a committee for Christian law to represent the Copts in the Syndicate of Lawyers. In addition, he describes the Muslim-Christian relationship as fragile and fake.
An interview with the Coptic Lawyer Mamdūh Ramzī, the first Copt to nominate himself for the presidential elections in 2011.
The article reports various Coptic views concerning the Coptic human rights work.
More details were published about the recent incidents against Bahā’īs in al-Shūrānīyah village. Bahā’īs are eager to proclaim their religious rights, and the media seem to be keeping the issue in the spotlight.
Copts of the southern city of Assiut have sent a letter to the president complaining about the promotion of a sectarian figure of the ruling National Democratic Party, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsin Sālih, who has been accused of proselytizing a number of Christian families.
The article comments on a Supreme Administrative Court ruling to allow 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later returned to Christianity to reclaim their legal rights as Christians.
Although the ancient Monastery of Apa Bare in Minia has been attacked 13 times over the past three years, local authorities obstinately refuse to allow the construction of a wall to protect unarmed monks.
The article reports on recent verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court that obliges the Ministry of Interior to officially acknowledge the conversion to Christianity on the identity cards of Christian-born converts to Islam.
In the article, the criticisms of a number of thinkers and politicians have been continually targeting the banned Muslim Brotherhood group on their proposed manifesto for their political party, which has excluded non-Muslims and women from running for presidency.
Coptic lawyer Mamdūḥ Ramzī has accused the President of the Clerical Council Bishop Bula of taking bribes from divorced men and women in order to grant them a second marriage license.


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