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Actress Hālah Ṣidqī’s second marriage caused a storm of protest within Coptic circles, especially because there are more than 20,000 cases of divorced Christians who are unable to remarry because of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s refusal to grant them marriage permissions.
The article discusses the triumph of a few Copts who were permitted to re-convert to Christianity, having originally converted to Islam. The author criticizes the double standard in how easy it is to embrace Islam, yet how difficult it is to embrace Christianity.
The article examines the case of a group of converts to Islam, who have reverted back to Christianity and seek official recognition of their conversion away from Islam, and the problems that they are faced with in doing so.
In a heated hearing, the Supreme Administrative Court postpones looking into appeals filed by a number of Christians who have embraced Islam for a temporary time and want to return to Christianity until July 1. The court has earlier rejected their right to have Christianity written in the...
The recently canceled church trial of the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī, Bishop Kyrillos, has raised questions over the standards of these trials and the secretary-general of the Holy Synod’s role in the trials.
Discussion of the history of the Majlis al-Mīllī, the Coptic Orthodox denominational council, and the current problems it faces.
The press review deals with the recent controversial ruling by the Administrative Judiciary Court allowing divorced Copts a chance to have a second marriage and discussing the Coptic Orthodox Church’s rejection of the court’s decision.
Though the Coptic Orthodox Church has initiated preparations for the elections of al-Majlis al-Mīlī, some Copts are still calling for amending the council’s law.
The Ministry of Justice revises the draft unified Personal Status Law for Copts that was presented to the government in 1999 by the Christian denominations in Egypt. The law states that spouses cannot change their denomination or religion during marriage. This would mean difficulty for divorce or...
A group of people leaded by a businessman parted with their Adventist Church. The businessman started to criticize the church and considered himself a guide sent by God. He believes his group to be chosen by God to guide people. He published many books expressing his ideas and beliefs. He...


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