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Pope Tawāḍrūs II consecrated two altars, church icons, and the eastern structure at the St. Mark the Evangelist Coptic Orthodox Church in al-Maʿādī in celebration of its 50th anniversary. 
Pope Tawāḍrūs II consecrated the baptismal font and icons at the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Demiana [Dimiyāna] in Shubrā after finishing consecrating the church’s six altars.
The first Coptic Tunes and Hymns Festival will be held on Tuesday, 30 April, under the title “Symphony” at Anbā Ruways Theater in St. Mark Cathedral of ‘Abbāssiyya.
Dutch church delegation in Cairo: day 1 - meeting priests of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Shubra El Khayma
Under the auspices of Bishop Mūsá, the Bishop of Youth, and Bishop Martyrus, the Church of the Virgin Mary in Ard al-Sharkah district in Cairo has held a carnival entitled “The Holy Bible for All” in College de la Salle. It included performances that present explications of Holy Bible verses in a...
While many monks and priests welcomed the decision of Pope Tawādrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark to prohibit monks from holding confessions of the believers, and assigning the practice of this sacrament only to priests, some others expressed their reservations on...
A number of Coptic media production companies recently held a seminar to find practical solutions to the problems resulting from media piracy. Many of those who attended the seminar opposed illegal downloading however some insisted that it is the only way for the poor to access such material.
The following presents a report on poverty in Egypt, and specifically how this issue is being addressed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Egyptians.
We spent an interesting evening gathering at the Church of St. Mary in Al-Sharabiya where the first seminar about Coptic heritage was held. This seminar was organized by the Association of the Lovers of Coptic Heritage and opened by Bishop Martirous and Dr. Abdel Dayim Nousir, deputy head of the...
The review presents an interview with Max Michael and different responses from Coptic Orthodox figures.


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