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The Egyptian revolution of January 25th brought hope for better Muslim-Christian relations, but unfortunately it did not take long for the hopes for many to evaporate. Optimism for better relations is still there, but many more feel that almost two years after the revolution tensions have increased...
In 1995, the Dutch Christian organization Open Doors asked me to look into the stories o
Al-Azhar appealed to President Muḥammad Mursī to emphasize the rule of law and work on bringing all political powers together at the dialogue table to renounce schism and provide a proper and rational atmosphere to finalize a consensus constitution expressive of all segments of the Egyptian people...
In the early 1960s during the tenure of late Pope Kyrillos VI, Coptic Orthodox Christians had only seven churches abroad – two in each of the United States, Canada and Australia and only in Britain (1).
  Since the January 25 Revolution there have been a number of attempts aiming at harming Egypt via the implantation of the seeds of sectarian sedition, such as recent efforts to divide Egypt into a Coptic and an Islamic state.  
 'Ismat Zaqlamah is a doctor who emigrated to United States of America in the 1970s, where he established a Coptic Coalition. He later published a newspaper entitled, "Voice of the Copts," which is characterized with exaggeration and work to mould U.S. public opinion against Egypt.
The United States of America is now seeking to find alternative means to interfere in the Middle East and the Arab world. Hence why the U.S. appointed an envoy to protect minorities' rights in the Middle East, especially Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and put Copts in Egypt at the top of those...
The first time there was chatter about the establishment of a Coptic state was during the time of late President Anwar al-Sadāt, when the idea of setting up the so-called State of Assiut had first emerged.


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