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Bishop Bisantī confessed that the church took a census of the number of Copts in Egypt, which revealed that their numbers exceed 15 million.
The article states that Pope Shenouda’s health condition is fine and he is traveling to the United States to undergo a medical examination on his kidneys.
Bishop Marqus confesses that the laws on building houses of worship force the church to violate them and to build churches without a license.
Michael ‘Adil interviews Dr. Tharwat Basillī, member of Shūrá Council and coordinator of the Laymen’s Council of the Christians.
While the Coptic Orthodox Church warns of the danger of the Adventists, who are considered to be heretics, the head of the “group” appears to ignore the opinion of the leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
A new church was built in the United Arab Emirates. Pope Shenouda headed a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church to the UAE to inaugurate the church.
The unusually sad face of Pope Shenouda III during his weekly sermon aroused the worries of Copts.
Bishop Kyrillos denied being subject to trial and asserted that the aim of his visit to Saint Mark’s Cathedral in ‘Abbāsīyah is to congratulate Pope Shenouda on Easter as he used to do.
Ibrāhīm Jād and Michael ‘Ādil report about the growing dispute between Bishop Bīshūy and Bishop Kyrillos.
A listing of articles that published articles on the decree taken by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church to excommunicate George Ḥabīb Bibāwī, the dean of the Theological Studies Institute in Indiana, over accusing Pope Shenouda of Kufr [apostasy].


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