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In an unprecedented occasion the Coptic Orthodox Church hosts a symposium where Muslim and Christians are intended to participate in an open objective dialogue to build bridges of intercommunication toward real values of citizenship.
The article is about a claim brought by the former head of Port Said Church’s Youth Department against Bishop Bīshūy.
Coptic laymen to hold a second conference on church reform.
The crisis of al-Kushh village which changed its name to al-Salām, in Sohag governorate, seems to experience a breakthrough after Bishop Wīsā, the bishop of al-Bilīnā, issued a decree to pardon the fourteen suspended priests.
Bishop Bīshūy urged Christian girls not to marry but to lead a monastic life instead because monasticism is far better than marriage.
Some Coptic residents of al-Salām village in Sohag have expressed their disappointment with their church, after hearing the news that some Orthodox priests in the village were suspended because of financial corruption.
The recent crisis between Watanī newspaper and the Church seems to be conciliated after a meeting between the two parties. The meeting resulted in the agreement that Watanī will stick to the ecumenical line of the Church far from any sectarian or denominational lines that might contradict the...
In an interview, Bishop Munīr Hannā, the head of the Episcopal Church in Egypt, North Africa and the African Horn, stresses the peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, urging to share inter-religious dialogue to spread the spirit of understanding rather than fanaticism.
Pope Shenouda underwent successful surgery on his spine. The Egyptian permanent ambassador to the United States and the Egyptian general consul in New York visited Pope Shenouda to deliver President Mubarak’s and the whole Egyptian people’s greetings.
Dr. al-Bayādī reacts to the calls for reform of the electoral process for the position of head of the Evangelical Community Council.


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