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Headline: Azhar Scholars Committee to Inspect the Qur’ān that Contains MistakesSource: al-WafdPages: 1Author: Wafā’ SulaymānKeywords: Qur’ān, the Azhar -------------------------------------- Headline: Vatican Calls for End to Harassment of ChristiansSource: WatanīPages: 1Author: Not...
Copts from the southern city of Minia have asked for a meeting with Pope Shenouda to discuss ways to bring Bishop Macarius back to take over as an assistant bishop at the Diocese of Mina.
Fādī Emile accuses a female church servant for spoiling the relations between Bishop Makarius, assistant bishop at the Diocese of Minia, and Metropolitan Arsenius of Minia that has resulted in the departure Makarius.
Michael ‘Ādil reports on the visit of Philippe Coste, the French ambassador to Egypt, to the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo where he met with Pope Shenouda III who escorted him, after finishing his weekly sermon, to the papal headquarters.
In a meeting with expatriate Copts in the U.S., Pope Shenouda asserted that there are problems for Copts in Egypt but denied claims that there is discrimination against Copts.
Pope Shenouda has opened the first Coptic Orthodox St. Paul the Apostolic church in al-‘Ubūr city.
Pope Shenouda III will open the church of St. Paul in the city of al-‘Ubūr tomorrow.
The Coptic Orthodox Church spokesperson Bishop Marqus has stated that the church has no relation with the Kemi T.V. satellite channel affiliated to Coptic expatriates because the church refuses the exploitation of media to spread spirit of enmity and/or attacking homeland.
Michael ‘Ādil reports on the statements of leading bishops in the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod who warned priests of the consequences of committing mistakes in carrying out their priestly tasks, threatening them that they would be subject to firm church trials.
A number of Coptic organizations in the West have sent Pope Shenouda III a letter for his approval on launching a TV satellite channels from Egypt that would serve their interests.


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