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Novel “Submission” shakes France in aversion to Islam French novelist Michel Houellebecq denied that his novel “Submission” is renewing any hostility toward Islam. The novel, set in 2022, addresses the Islamization of French society through the events surrounding the victory of Muhammad bin ‘Abbās...
The outlines of the hostile image of Islam in Western culture, which has prevailed following the events of September 11, have three overlapping theoretical approaches. The first approach is about the relationship between Islam on one hand and Christian and Jewish holy books on the other hand. The...
European circles are taking part with the United States in declaring a cultural war against the religion, the nation and civilization of Islām. - See art. 4: Missionary war against Islam
Representatives of the Islamic community in France filed a lawsuit against a French novelist for writing a novel that defamed Islam. The subject of the novel is Islām and sexual tourism in Thailand. It contained very open attacks against Islam, Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.
The author continues to comment on what he believes is an American attack on Islam that started with the September 11 disaster. He comments on the participation of Europe in this attack.
The article is an overview of a study on the Image of Islam in Western media. The author gives many examples on how Islam is attacked in the West. He comments that while the Azhar banns books written by Muslims and Arabs, it is unable to respond to the anti-Islam campaign in the West.
The French writer Michel Houellebecq, currently being tried on the charge of defaming and disdaining Islam, has been released. The court´s verdict is due October 22. Attacking Islam has become one of the means of gaining fame and collecting money. Those who attack Islam have no idea about the...
Al-Usbou‘, al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī and Rose al-Yousuf report on the reaction to the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, published few months ago by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
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