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The Islamic Foundation of Toronto seeks with its 85 staff members and hundreds of volunteers to make its presence felt not only by the Muslim community, but also by the Canadian community as a whole.
The Egyptian press is still giving considerable space for the issue of the banning of the veil in French public schools and institutions. Sixteen articles discussing this issue were published over this week.
A report from The European Center to Control Hostility and Discrimination asserts that Muslim’s face different kinds of discrimination in the west.
Yesterday, a Briton was killed and six others were wounded after a gunman opened fire on a group of tourists at Amman’s Roman amphitheatre. In a press conference on Monday, the Jordanian Minister of Interior, ‘Īd al-Fāyiz, described the attack as a "cowardly terrorist act," adding that the...
The authors said that the British Foreign Office has declined to comment on a leaked report about alleged contacts between British officials and Egyptian members of parliament belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has denied these allegations.
A conference on Islam-West dialogue is to be held on February 10, 2006, in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, to tackle the role of mass media in correcting misunderstanding and misrepresentations of others’ faiths.
In a symposium cosponsored by the Kuwaiti Information Office and the newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat, participants from the Arab world as well as the West shared their thoughts and ideas about terrorism and its origins.
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