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Mīnā Butrus discusses the motivation behind Pope Shenouda’s recent decision to confiscate a book entitled, ‘al-Urthodhiksīyyah al-Sharqīyyah, Ṭarīq al-Ḥayāt’ [Oriental Orthodoxy, the Way of Life], authored by Father Anthony Conaris, despite the book having been translated under the supervision of...
The author comments on Bishop Paphnotius’s book on reforming ecclesiastical work.
Bibāwī’s banned book on Saint Athanasius versus the non-Orthodox tradition is not accessible on Bibāwī’s official website. In his book, Bībāwī uses the argument of Saint Athanasius in his letters to Serapion to defend the deification of Man through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
The article highlights the problem that faces the church legacy in terms of translating and publishing it, and the church’s negative stand toward it.
Pope Shenouda discussed the ideas of Father Mattá al-Miskīn as being heresies. Butrus calls for an objective discussion of theological and religious issues in the writings of the men of religion, as most of the time people automatically adopt their leaders’ ideas out of confidence, or sometimes,...
Mīnā Butrus wonders when the Coptic Orthodox Church will start a project to release a new Arabic translation of the Holy Bible.
The author addressed a letter to Bishop Bīshuy to inform him that Christian people are angry about the statements issued by church’s officials in newspapers and magazines.
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