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Monday, July 15, morning, “Egypt’s Copts coalition” forwarded an urgent appeal letter to the Col. Gen. ‘Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, as well as Minister of Defense, asking for a quick intervention to stop the bloodshed in Sinai. Copts are constantly...
This article is an interview and discussion with Anba Mina, Abbot of Mar-Girgis Monastery in Khatatba, as well as some other ministers of the Church, about the religious ideals of Coptic Christians in Egypt. The author and interviewer desires to understand how the Church in Egypt is philosophically...
A special committee led by the governor of Minya travels to Abū Fānā in order to draw the borders of the monastery after brutal attacks. The committee departed the area without a conclusion after much debate over conflicting maps. Officials insist the attacks were not a crime but a land dispute and...
Cornelis Hulsman explains the events leading up to the September 9 celebration to mark the end of the Abū Fānā tensions. Hulsman was invited to attend by ‘Alā’ Hassānayn but eventually had to refuse the invitation because the reconciliation did not involve all the necessary parties.
The continuing repercussions in the wake of the Abu Fana incidents are analysed in this article. In particular the article comments that local clerics and monks have taken part in a sit-in at the monastery to highlight their protest of the injustices that are occurring against them.
The unofficial reconciliation session of the Abu Fana incident is due to take place shortly in Minia, however many believe that the incident is still not resolved.
The crisis between Abū Fānā Monastery and Minia governorate last week acquired ominous proportions after it appeared that a settlement of sorts had been reached. The author records the abuses that have been perpetrated against the monastery in reaching and executing this settlement.
Monks from the Monastery of Abu Fana detail the tensions involving their monastery, and provide their testimony on the recent conflict.
Although the ancient Monastery of Apa Bare in Minia has been attacked 13 times over the past three years, local authorities obstinately refuse to allow the construction of a wall to protect unarmed monks.


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