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Abū ‘Iz al- Harīrī, former presidential candidate of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, stated on Nazrah TV program, on Sadá al- Balad satellite channel, that he does not wish to say to Copts ‘Kul Sana we huma tayibin’ (happy new year) as they are still not happy in Egypt.
The parliamentary delegation as well as some MPs from Alexandria denied that what happened to the Copts in ‘Āmrīyah should be called "displacement". The delegation stressed the rule of law and justice and expressed respect for all endeavors by citizens to reach a conciliatory deal and end the...
The article provides an overview of the quota assigned to women in Egypt’s People’s Assembly, and a brief history of women’s participation in the political scene in the country.
The article reports on the security harassments the banned Muslim Brotherhood has been subjected to just weeks prior to the upcoming local council elections.
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