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The historical, cultural and ideological differences between Sunnī and Shī‘ah Muslims are outlined by different scholars in this article.
The author says Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī is trying to spark strife between Shī‘ah and Sunnī in Egypt with false accusations against the Shī‘ah. He challenges him to obtain evidence for these claims, describing him as a liar and inciter.
In one of the three books reviewed on page 17 of this issue of al-Qāhira newspaper, Shaykh Yousuf al-Qaradāwī says he is one of the defenders of the Umayyad Dynasty, first among them the founder Mu‘āwiya Ibn Abī Sufyān.
One of the most serious problems facing Arab nations is the imaginary Islamic identity, namely the inclination of some political Islam groups to invent an Islamic identity which they want to see replacing the Arab, or even the moderate Islamic, one.
The author reviews a period in history when Egypt served as a base for the Arab caliphs to conquer Africa.
After the time of the four caliphs who succeeded the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic state became a kingdom, in the sense that power was passed from father to sons. This inherited rule was initiated by Mu‘āwīya Ibn Abī Sufyān, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty.
A commentary on the problem of those who would turn Islam from a religion into a political system.
Demonstrations that start from mosques with copies of the Qur’ān held high just make us recall the past when the supporters of Mu‘āwiya Ibn Abī Sufiān, the founder of the Umayyad Dynasty that ruled an Islamic empire for nearly 100 years, hoisted copies of the Qur’ān high on spears to urge their...
The article traces the origin of the slogans of political Islamic groups and comments on them. It shows the difference between jihad and killing and explains the true meaning of “Crusades” and “Zionism” and how political Islamic groups served both of them while claiming to fight against them.
Through an imaginary dialogue between the author and two of his friends, he gives the pros and cons to the idea of establishing an Islamic party for the Muslim Brotherhood. While one of the friends is of opinion that announcing such a party will push the country two hundred years back in time, the...


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