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The author reports on Muslims’ anger about the recent decision of the right wing Danish Folkeparti [People’s Party] about the use of a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in their election campaign under claims that the party respects the rights to freedom of speech.
The article focuses on the issue of banking transactions in the stock exchange amidst questions about whether this is compatible with the Islamic sharī‘ah.
A fatwa issued by the former Mufti of Egypt stipulating that currency trade is haram has caused a juridical debate between Azhar scholars. The Sheikh of the Azhar referred the fatwa to the Islamic Research Institute for examination and comment.
Professor Muhammad Abdel Halim has dedicated the last seven years of his life to completing a new translation of the Qur’an published by Oxford University Press. All prior translators of the Qur’an employed the use of old English, but Abdel Halim uses modern English, which makes his translation of...
Many writings claim that Islam is against the values of Western civilization such as democracy, freedom, human rights, tolerance and accepting the other. The opinions of scholars such as Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq, minister of Awqaf [Endowments] and Dr. Muhammad Abdel Halim, head of the Saleh...
"The secret of the US nuclear base that destroyed the Egyptian plane," read the red-colored headline of the independent weekly Al-Osbou’ on Monday. The Islamist-oriented bi-weekly Al-Shaab, mouthpiece of the Labor Party, went further, claiming in its Tuesday headline that "the two black boxes were...
Nowadays, the newspapers are witnessing a number of articles that are planting doubt about the things which are fixed in Islam and do not change such as the Sunna, the Sharia, Islamic jurisprudence and Al-Iktihad (explanation).
The Governor of Menufiya, Adly Hussein, has issued a number of decisions to restore and subsidize the churches in the governorate. The churches include the Church of Mari Gerguis in a Christian village in the district of Quesna and the Church of the Virgin Mary in Kafr Abdu district of Quesna.
A new advanced computer program offers the possibility of getting a picture of a certain person through inserting information on the person’s features.
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