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Further incidents of sectarian sedition arise in al-Fayyūm following the destruction of a wall. Debates have been raised as to if the original building at the center of the controversy had been a church, or a school.
The current massive social, political and economical crises and attitudes of disrespect towards women in society have led to recent sexual assaults in Cairo.
A reported assault on the imām of the Umm al-Qura Mosque in al-‘Arīsh, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abd al- Hamīd, by Major Muhammad Ridā of the State Security Intelligence (SSI), has provoked outrage among Sinai mosque imāms.
The paper comments on the fatwa of Yemeni Sheikh Al-Zandani concerning the new form of marriage he initiated, that is "marriage friend." The majority of Muslim religious and psychology scholars reject the fatwa.
In spite of Sharon´s attacks on the Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Nativity, there were no attacks on more than 15 synagogues in Egypt. All synagogues, churches and mosques enjoy full protection and security. Egypt proved that human inheritance and places of worship have nothing to do with...
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