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Dr. Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd presents an overview of the emergence of violence in the ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic groups that followed it, believing that religious slogans were used as a cover to justify the use of violence against society.
The article explains that the Muslim Brotherhood still brag of military capabilities which they do not actually have in reality.
Discrimination against other religious sects and strange fatwas and religious teachings are the main grounds for the Alexandria attacks and other incidents of sectarian sedition. The writer suggests certain actions be taken to diminish this stream of hostility and discrimination that is taking over...
The author highlights the contradiction between the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared attitude towards Copts and the opinions of their muftī.
Brotherhood members believe that Mubārak was once a member of their group and another member affirms that Mubārak’s uncle was a member of the Brotherhood.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
The author writes about the differences between early and contemporary Muslim leaders in Egypt, regarding their views on the construction or renovation of Christian houses of worship. He highlights the statements of two prominent Egyptian religious men who are generally opposed to any new church...
In an exclusive statement to al-Dustour, the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that "the group sees no problem with building churches." Member of the Irshād [guidance] Office, Dr. Mahmoud ‘Izzat has argued that "People of the Book" are entitled to have their own houses of...
The authors harshly criticize the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitudes towards women and Copts.
The press report that the Muslim Brotherhood have spent 28 million LE on election propaganda, and that their slogan, ’Islam is the solution’, is simply used to avoid providing detailed solutions to Egypt’s problems.


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