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Several high profile incidents and legal cases lodged by and against Christians have highlighted the inherent hostility that continues to characterize relations between the Islamic state and its minority Christian constituency that is feeling the pressure of declining numbers.
The article discusses the emergence of a trend to file lawsuits, in which the plaintiffs demand either official recognition of their belief, as in the case of the Bahā’īs, or the right to convert from one religion to another.
The article comments on a Supreme Administrative Court ruling to allow 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later returned to Christianity to reclaim their legal rights as Christians.
The article looks at two recent Administrative Court rulings. One which allows Bahā’īs to either leave the religion box in their ID cards empty or just have a dash and the other ruling stopped Muhammad Hijāzī, a Muslim born Christian convert, from being officially recognized as a Christian.
Nabīl Najīb Salāmah warns about the increase in the current state of sectarianism in society, saying that it will lead the country into the unknown.
The Administrative Court has rejected a lawsuit that was filed by the Muslim convert to Christianity, Muhammad Hijāzī and has allowed Bahā’ī’s to leave the religion field empty or write "other" on their identity cards. The Egyptian press reported the two rulings and commented on the increasing...
Muhammad Hijāzī, the controversial convert to Christianity speaks for the first time to the Egyptian press. He announces the birth of his daughter and asserts that he will continue to fight to achieve official recognition of his conversion.
Drs. Hulsman discusses a number of articles that deal with a recent European Parliamentary resolution, highlighting the condition of human rights in Egypt, and the subsequent media uproar that followed in the Egyptian press. He further points to a number of articles that refer to the condition of...
Hanī Labīb says that despite freedom of faith being one of basis of citizenship, conversion from one religion to another is considered to be a reason for sectarian tensions. He supports a call for establishing a program for preparing converts to fully accept their new faith.
Drs. Hulsman’s report discusses the state of past and present relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. The paper opens by giving information about Pope Shenouda III and the most important incidents that have taken place during his reign. The second half of the paper then looks at specific...


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