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The tenth day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic Hijrī calendar is known as ‘Āshūrā’. This day, is a sacred day celebrated by both Sunnīs and Shī’ah Muslims alike albeit for different reasons. Despite sharing this day in common, it highlights differences and brings memories of unjustified...
(Right) now all the political groups in Egypt conform to one main principle, which is to make sure that every part of society is represented in the constituent assembly that will draft the Egyptian constitution. There is no doubt that this principle is credible as long as it is implemented...
The Shī‘ah do not enjoy a good position in Egypt. Shiite Sāliḥ al-Wardānī says that there is no threat of the Iranians, but of the Arabic Shī‘ah. Wahhābīs attacks against Shī‘ah aim to defend the Sunnī school rather than Islām in general.
Anwar al-Dishnāwī interviews Muhammad al-Drīnī, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Defending Prophet’s Descendents and Shī‘ah Affairs.
Muhammad Zakī exposes the Shī‘ah scheme to make Egypt the centre of Shī‘ah belief and to turn the Sunnī Azhar into a Shī‘ah centre, as it used to be before Salāh Iddīn.
The article discusses the weekly Friday sermon and the poor performance of the preachers, whom many view as insufficient to stand on the minbar [a pulpit inside the mosque] and deliver sermons to Muslim worshippers.
Mamdouh Nakhla, head of the Al -Kalīma Center for Human Rights, is participating with Muhammed al-Dirinī and ‘Aboud al- Zumour in the authorship of a book entitled "The Hell Capital" about how Christians and prisoners are treated in Egypt.
Mr. Muhammad al-Dirīnī has said in an interview that he intends to establish a Shi’ite political party and a university in Egypt to propagate Shi’ism.
The Supreme Council for the Custody of Ahl Al-bait [the family of the Prophet] will file a suit against the Sheikh of the Azhar claiming that the Azhar is a possession of the family of the Prophet that it wants to get back.
Muhammad al-Darīnī, secretary general of the Āl al-Bayt Supreme Council, said that al-Ashrāf [Āl al-Bayt] in Egypt, estimated at six million, are a major headache to the Saudi intelligence. Al-Darīnī has managed to get original documents condemning the Saudi security forces for violating human...


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