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An armed robbery of a Coptic jewelry shop coincided with the robbery of parts of a nun’s car in Alexandria, allowing rumors to spread about the sectarian motivations behind both of the accidents.
The article is a review of Rose Al-Youssef’s file "The Complete Conspiracy: The Extremist Plan to Destroy Egypt’s Civilization." The file exposes the dangerous dimensions of extremism’s conspiracy against Egypt. The aim of the conspiracy is to destroy every aspect of Egyptian society.
In an attempt to control the money of the Bar Association, members of the association, who belongs to the Brotherhood, appointed a new treasurer against the will of the association?s president ? which led to many problems in the association.
Coptic writers and intellectuals comment on the iftār banquets held by Coptic figures in the name of national unity.
The author discusses establishing a union of vocational syndicates to solve the problems facing such syndicates but warns against political or religious groups controlling it.
Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association planned a revolt against the head of the association and announced that they took control over the association council. It was announced that what the Brotherhood members had done is merely an unsuccessful and unconstitutional upheaval.
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Some readers believe that the press does serve the society or care about the problems of ordinary citizens. They ask for a free press that credibly expresses their daily problems and troubles. Other readers believe that the Egyptian press is free and honest and a true reflection of the problems of...
Muhammad al-Najjār presents an over all picture of the new political movements in Egypt that demand a comprehensive political-constitutional reform in Egypt.
The claims of Israel and Jews that they have the right for compensations from some countries have reached the degree of being a blackmail. Egyptian university professors refute the claims of the so-called Jewish properties in Egypt. Cairo University professor in international law Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-...


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