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The use of Fatwas (religious decrees) has been exploited to the full: the murder of President Sadat generated a Fatwa, the attack on the Population Conference in 1994 resulted in another Fatwa, the lootings of gold shops was followed by a Fatwa and the list is long.
The Mufti says that the reason for Egypt’s defeat in the June 1967 war was due to its atheism and moving away from religion. However, the Mufti adds the victory of October 1973 was because of our strong faith and tight grasp on religion, which made God stand by Egypt’s side, and angels crossed the...
Authorities have banned the production of a film on the assassination of President Anwar El-Sadat by Islamist militants in 1981.
A brief history of Al-Jihad organization.
An extensive feature on the market for religious audio tapes.
Egypt’s most militant group, the Gamaa Islamiya has a web site on the internet.
Sheikh Sha’arawi was the foremost television preacher and was able to influence millions. Sha’arawi’s aim was to maintain traditional religious values in society through convincing people to adhere to these values. The authors believe he died at a time that the tide of religious conservatism may...
The writer believes that conspiracies are behind the American intervention in the religious affairs of the Middle East.
Review of a book on the nature of relationships between the Pope and Anwar Al-Sadat.
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.


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