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Despite the prohibition of around 100 key members of the Muslim Brotherhood from participating in the parliamentary elections, the organization still hopes to present 200 candidates, including 10 women.
Over 200 Muslim Brotherhood candidates will run for parliament in several Egyptian governorates, said Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Supreme Guide, Dr. Muhammad Habīb.
The Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood refused to allow one of the group’s lawyers to file a lawsuit demanding the application of article 48 [of the Penalties Law] to help release those who were convicted in the case of the professional syndicates.
The writer believes that Sout Al-Umma appears just to curse the Brotherhood. Whenever they succeed, the paper criticizes them and whenever they fail the paper considers this good news. If there is no news it fabricates some.
Secrecy in the Muslim Brotherhood which makes its members totally obedient to the organization. The logo of the Brotherhood has a Qur’an with two swords, an indication of violence, and members’ belief that the Brotherhood’s war is a holy one by linking the two swords and the Qur’an with the early...
What does the Brotherhood have that scares the government? One of the deputies of the General Guide of the Brotherhood is a Syrian. How can Egyptian’s accept this, the paper asks. The arrests of major members of the Brotherhood have caused an internal turmoil. Some Brothers see the crackdown as a...
Security forces arrested the three leaders of the new organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The state security prosecution faced the three leaders -- engineer Mohammed Ali Bashir, Dr. Mohammed Abd Al-Bad’a Abd Al-Maged and Dr. Sa’ad Zaghloul -- with investigations that assured that they are the...


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