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Ahmad Gharīb and Walīd ‘Urābī claim that Israel has started to propagate the beliefs of an Islamic sect called al-Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya al-Ahmadīya [Reviewer: The Ahmadī Islamic group], which they describe as a deviant Islamic group that knows nothing about Islam, in an attempt to distort the image of...
The author wonders whether Egyptians are experiencing a stage of creative chaos, coinciding with the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Cairo last year. She wonders whether the people nurturing this chaos realize that the price of this chaos would be paid by everyone.
The former Egyptian ambassador in Israel accused the Mossad of being behind the recent attacks in America. He said that America overlooked the absence of 4,000 Jews from their work in the World Trade Center on the day of the attack, adding that Israel was the only country that had not declared...
Rose al-Yousuf presents the second episode in a series of the memoirs of Talāl al-Ansārī, a former Islamic extremist, on his experience with Islamic groups.
Eighteen suspects of Egypt’s Jund Allāh [God’s soldiers] have ended their hunger strike after some of their demands were met, according to well-placed informed fundamentalist sources.
Israel presented an official apology for the report published on the Internet by the media office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
The Israeli television presented a program on the religious persecution in Egypt in which it was claimed that Egypt does injustice to the Christian minority.
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