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Two days after President Mubarak’s refusal to release the Israeli Spy Azam Azam, the Zionist Lobby spread across Western countries launched a rude campaign against Egypt.
In a new misleading campaign against Egypt, the International Coptic Federation called upon the United Nations and the UN Security Council to intervene to solve the problems of Copts in Egypt.
EGYPTIAN Christians have been subjected to horrific crucifixion rituals, raped and tortured by the security forces during a crackdown on the ancient Coptic community, according to international human rights and Christian groups.
A press conference was held by Pope Shenouda before his departure from Lebanon after he attended the Executive Committee meeting of the Churches of the Middle East in Beirut.
Minister of Interior Habib el-Adly called for the upgrade the performance of policemen in order to avoid the recurrence of terrorist waves and an international conference on means of fighting terrorism.
British police swooped down and arrested seven Islamists, including six Egyptians, in a September 23 dawn raid in central London. The swoop came less than a month after Britain’s House of Lords approved the government’s new anti-terror law.
The question has been raised whether the American military strike against what were described as Osama Bin Laden’s bases in Afghanistan on August 17 will force the Taliban movement to clamp down on the Saudi dissident and his Arab-Afghan associates.
Egypt, having suffered from the scourge of terrorism since 1992, has repeatedly calls for a concerted international effort to fight the worldwide phenomenon.
The British House of Commons and House of Lords passed new legislation aimed at crushing violent Northern Ireland groups but will also hit terrorists from Egypt in England.
The author shows how difficult it is to build churches in the expanding new suburbs of large cities.


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