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Egyptian state prosecutors said that they had released on April 11, four members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement who were detained with 24 others last month.
Why don’t both the Pope and Sheikh Al-Azhar write a joint book on the combined issues of heavenly religions? Issues of tolerance, mutual love, discarding violence, religious freedoms etcetera, because this book would help in paving the road of mutual love and brotherhood between the children of the...
Claims made in a recent issue of the French magazine Le Figaro about the situation regarding Copts [Coptic Christians] in Egypt are discussed.
The next annual International Islamic Conference in Egypt will be held from June 22-25, [1999] in Cairo. The conference which will be attended by intellectuals from 85 countries and will be researching the preparations of a cultural project for the renaissance of the Islamic world, especially...
The Grand Imam of the Azhar is a respectable scholar and a shrewd jurist who opens his heart to different opinions. He welcomes a dialogue with anyone on condition that he sticks to the rules of dialogue.
Egypt’s oldest mosque suffers from faulty restoration in the past and rising ground water and urgently needs restoration.
Dr. Osama Al-Baz, the political advisor of President Mubarak, confirmed that no one has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Egypt.
A list of those championing Coptic rights reads like a veritable "who’s who" of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim causes.
State repression of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement has increased considerably in recent years, according to a report released by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) on January 12.
The article describes the career of V. Windfuhr, correspondent of Der Spiegel in Egypt. He says Egypt is moving from a totalitarian regime to political pluralism.


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