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Key Islamic Preacher ‘Amr Khālid has been heavily criticized on scores of Islamic Web sites for attending a Christmas Mass at St. Mark’s Cathedral.
Muḥammad ‘Imārah discusses the paradox that although Christianity is shrinking in Europe, Europeans use it as a tool to combat the spread of Islam.
Although the number of dialogue conferences and committees has increased, many of their recommendations were revoked or remain inactive.
Hānī Labīb records practices harming the culture of citizenship that have been carried out during past year 2007.
Kees Hulsman prepared a paper on the need for self-criticism of Christians in dealing with Muslim-Christian relations. Comments on the mentality in Egyptian society resulting in a lack of trust. Nabīl ‘Abd al-FattāḤ writes that since the early 1970s, scarcely a year passes without sectarian...
The article reviews a Vatican document about the rights of evangelizing non-believers and welcoming converts from denominations other than Catholicism.
The article overviews the stance of Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl, archpriest of the Hanging Church in Old Cairo, toward authorities in dealing with Copts, and Muslim scholars who have engaged in attacking Christianity.
The author addresses the agreement between the Prophet Muhammad and the Christians of Najrān in the tenth year of Hijrah and the rights of non-Muslims in Islam.
Provocative statements by two members of the Islamic Research Academy; Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār and Dr. Muṣṭafá Muḥammad al-Shak‘ah, ignited the anger of Copts in Egypt when they attacked the Christian belief.
The author criticized his fellow Coptic author Midḥat Bishāy for his persistent criticism against the church, Coptic expatriates and other issues.


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