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Dr. Emara says Maronite Christians thoroughly admire all things Western and are not able to get the Muslim Arabs around them to do the same and they are seeking to gain their independence from them. Emara claims Israel has a plan to penetrate the Arab world by fomenting civil wars through the...
Dr. Mohammed Emara has deliberately insulted Christianity and the Christians in the article that was published in the July 6 issue (number 1376), of Al-Shaab newspaper. He has published what Dr. Abd Al-Razeq Al-Sanhouri said in his book about the Christians. Dr. Abd Al-Razeq said, "the Christians...
When discussing Coptic concerns the case of constructing new church buildings comes up. The problem lies in ten conditions, which were put at the time of the Osmanli rule (1934) for building churches which make the obtaining of building permits very difficult. The government is now studying and...
We should not deal with Kosovo crisis as a foreign issue since it reflects a Western attitude towards the Arabs and in particular the Muslims. It is really painful to think how the West has invaded our life.
In an interview with Muslim intellectual Dr. Mohammed Emara he said there are claims in the Western media that say Islam is the source of extremism and terrorism. The issue of minorities is a game used by colonizers against Islam.
Many donations are given at mosques associated with members of the Prophet Mohammed’s family, like Sayeda Zeinab or Al-Hussein, or those in which a shrine or mausoleum has been erected to the glory of pious and revered figures.
A number of prominent Egyptian figures oppose Lord Alton’s intended visit to Egypt.
The conflict between Dr. Mohamed Said Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar, and the Azhar Scholars Front which was recently brought to court is made up of an accumulation of small problems that turned serious when other parties interfered.
Hazem Al-Kilani, a young member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, submitted his resignation from the Brotherhood, along with an extensive critique of the organization.
The author wonders who will succeed sheik Sha’arawi. Who could take over his role as spiritual leader.


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