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The article says that the statements of both Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah and Zakariya Butrus stir sectarian aggravation.
Islamic thinkers express their views about establishing a union for Muslim apostates.
European circles are taking part with the United States in declaring a cultural war against the religion, the nation and civilization of Islām. - See art. 4: Missionary war against Islam
Predominant contemporary Western discourse directed to the Islamic world is not any better than the discourse of imperialistic invasions in modern history. The ecclesiastic discourse that was intended to convert all Muslims to Christianity. The Catholic Church discourses reject co-existence between...
Egyptian newspapers gave considerable space to the issue of the expected banning of the Islamic veil in France. Discussions of the issue reached their peak last Wednesday, December 17, when President Jacques Chirac called for a new law banning the wearing of head scarves for Muslim girls, of...
The war on Iraq has ended. However, the role religion plays in it is still questioned. Some authors believe it cannot be viewed outside a religious framework and others warn against the danger of associating it with religion.
Pope Shenouda issued a statement to the members of Cairo Lions Club that what the constitution says about the equality between Muslims and Christians is one thing and the actual fact of the matter is another. He added that Copts have the right to be represented fairly in the Parliament. Some papers...
The author of the article refutes the idea that embracing the "right" religion is behind the advancement of peoples. He also criticizes what he considered the defamation of the Shī‘ah in the media.
The article discusses the questions surrounding article two of the Constitution, and who has the authority to call for its amendment. The author wonders who has the right to speak on behalf of the Copts.
The article talks about the second edition of Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah’s book which is considered incomplete as it does not include Dr. cImārah’s apology.


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