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Mahdī Muhammad cĀkif, Supreme General of the Muslim Brotherhood, received a warning from a young lawyer who used to be a member of the Brotherhood and whose membership was frozen when he raised some questions concerning democracy within the group.
About the same time as his predecessor last year, the sixth leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ma’moun al-Hudaybī passed away, leaving behind a controversy around the nomination of the new leader.
When Mukhtār Nouh was released in 2002, he carried a reconciliation initiative between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, his initiative was rejected by the elders of the Brotherhood who distrust a government that arrests and tortures its members and aims at eradicating the group.
Muhammad Mahdi Akef, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, answers questions about political reform, the recently established unified opposition front, the upcoming parliamentary elections and other topics.
Several wings within the Brotherhood are looking to fill the position of the general guide after Mustafa Mashhour. Some outsiders think succession in the Brotherhood is a result of conflict between the elders and the middle generation. Others claim that it is a power struggle between the "secret"...
Learned sources within the Muslim Brotherhood organization unveiled that currently a fierce struggle is taking place within the circles of leadership of the organization over their position regarding the issue of nomination of President Hosni Mubarak for the fourth presidential term.


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