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Although the banned Muslim Brotherhood group has been subjected to a massive security crackdown that resulted in the arrest of hundreds of its members and key figures, it has announced that it would run in the forthcoming elections for the local councils.
The continuous attacks on Copts decrease their sense of patriotism. The author expresses his devastation with the declarations of the general guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood against Copts.
An alleged phone call betweens the general guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and the chairman of the political bureau of Hamās in Damascus stresses the need to put pressure on Egypt by organizing demonstrations to gain international approval to stop the siege of the Gaza Strip.
A state of tranquility prevailed the city of Isnā in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena, which witnessed chaotic acts carried out by a Muslim mob who attacked Coptic properties last week. Officials have estimated that the damages will amount to 1, 265,000 Egyptian pounds, and have decided to...
Robeir al-Faris recently published a book entitled, ‘The Muslim Brothers (MB) and the Copts…Repercussions of Confrontation and Dialogue.’ The following article presents an overview of the book.
The article shows attacks on the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed manifesto and responses of the group’s leaders.
The article reports on criticisms of the proposed manifesto of the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s party that has been reported as ruling out non-Muslim citizens and women from taking over presidency or heading cabinet.
The article reports on statements of the Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus, in which he has commented on the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed party. Sawirus opposed the group’s inclinations to eliminate non-Muslims and womens’ political rights to run for presidency.
In the article, the criticisms of a number of thinkers and politicians have been continually targeting the banned Muslim Brotherhood group on their proposed manifesto for their political party, which has excluded non-Muslims and women from running for presidency.
A big debate has hit leaders and members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group over the controversial pending agenda of the Brotherhood’s party.


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