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The following lines shed light on reactions to the draft law for mass media in Egypt. While official institutions defend the law, civil society human rights organizations consider it to be a blatant violation and restriction of the freedom of expression.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding presents its annual report for 2006, highlighting the objectives achieved and the goals for the upcoming year. 2006 was landmarked by growing toward the Center for Arab-West Understanding, and laying the basis for an electronic documentation center.
In an interview with al-Dustour, Nubian writer Hajjāj Adoul discusses Nubian and Coptic issues in Egypt.
The verdict given in the action of Al-Kosheh has caused a strong line of division between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians. Most Muslims accept the impartiality of the court while many Christians, inside and outside Egypt, expressed their anger in articles, letters and interviews about the verdict....
The Editorial Board of the RNSAW announces six new members of the Board of Advisors.
An article on the RNSAW which appeared in the Catholic News Service.
This RNSAW was not only delayed because of the tremendous amount of extra work due to the killings in Al-Koshh but also due a decision of the South Cairo Court on January 2, 2000 to sent the wife of the editor of the RNSAW for one month to prison for an offense she never committed. The court...
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