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Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār accuses Coptic Orthodox clergymen of forcing Muslims to convert and declares that the Bible was distorted. The Coptic Orthodox Church responded denouncing Zaghlūl’s allegations.
The article reports on the spread of Niqāb-clad women in society.
Lotus Kīwān gauges the opinions of Christian clergy and intellectuals on the appearances of Father Zakarīyā Butrus in the Christian satellite channel al-Hayāt, believing that angry reactions to Father Zakarīyā’s attacks at Islam were not restricted to Muslims but many Christians also disapprove of...
Lotus Kīwān interviewed Father Zakarīyā Butrus about his motivations behind his frequent attacks at the Islamic faith and his relation with the Egyptian church.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
The author condemns the fact that no one honored Farag Foda, neither in his life nor after his death, although he fought extremism and was assassinated because of his anti-terrorism ideas. He sheds light on the role Foda played in fighting terrorism.
The author sheds lights on a controversial book ‘Mihnat al-Huwīyah al-Misrīyah’ [The Affliction of the Egyptian Identity]. Labīb reveals the danger of the lack of freedom of expression as a main reason for violent sectarian reactions.
Al-Hayāh satellite channels broadcast Christian programs in which some clergymen allegedly attacked Muslims and Islam. The programs sparked severe anger of Muslims in Egypt. Consequently a number of Egyptian members of parliament asked to establish an equivalent Muslim channel to respond to al-...
In this article the author argues that the creed of Copts is being targeted through material published and broadcast in the media, providing examples for his arguments.
The crisis of al- Muqattam Church presided over by the so-called Maximus ? is experiencing new developments that may end the famous issue that preoccupied the church’s circles in Egypt last year, after the Greek Church did not recognize the religious legitimacy of Bishop Mavias and the priests that...


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