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The author, Ishaq Ibrāhim, interviewed the head of Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] Mūnir Mejahid about the group’s members, goals and methods.
The Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] group held its first national conference last weekend. The conference was supposed to be held at the Journalists Syndicate but after journalists stopped participants from entering the premises it was moved to the headquarters of the Tajammu...
A conference that was supposed to be held on April 11-12, 2008 by Egyptians against Religious Discrimination [EARD] was hindered in the Journalists’ Syndicate when a number of members staged a strike in the syndicate and did not allow participants to enter the conference hall. Strikers claimed that...
Sharīf al-Dawākhilī reports on a human rights group’s criticism of the government for honoring Muslim mothers during the annual celebration of choosing the ideal mother without choosing a single Christian one.
Khalīl sheds light on the Egyptian group called ’Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.’ He points out the various tasks and challenges.
Ishāq Ibrāhīm interviews Dr. Muhammad Munīr Mujāhid, the founder of Egyptians against Religious Discrimination [No links found], about the group’s aim and activities.
The Azhar recently released a fatwá that calls for tough penalties against people who convert to Islam and then revert back to their original religion. Opinions are divided as to what effect this fatwá could have on Egyptian society.
Khalīl discusses the reasons behind the violence and discrimination against Copts in Egypt. He blames the government, the Coptic community, and the Muslim majority, and calls on Copts to make their voices heard in international human rights and media organizations. He stresses the significance of...
A comment on an article by the Coptic intellectual Kamāl Ghubriyāl about schisms in the prospective movement Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.


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